Thinking of changing my wardrobe a little.

Sorry it's kind of long...

I've been thinking about this for a while, girling up my wardrobe that is, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. And by a little, I mean a LITTLE bit. Nothing drastic.

To start, I'll openly admit that I'm a tomboy all the way. I have an aggressive and assertive personality, I'm always in jeans (usually faded flare) and a t-shirt or tank top..sweatshirt in the winter. I live in a really small town. Like Home on the Prairie type small. It's a farming community and everyone does their part. I break horses for my neighbors and barrel race my horse. My family and I hunt and go to shooting ranges all the time. I love the outdoors and camping in all sorts of weather. I bale hay and pitch it. I'm not afraid of dirt or mud or anything.

However, my laid back style of dressing and refusal to wear makeup makes me look about five years younger than I am. I'm currently 18, I'll be 19 in July. I'd like to start looking my age but am not sure how to do it. I usually just wear my hair in a ponytail or down. It's fairly flat and I don't have a lot of time in the mornings before school to do anything.

I'm 5'4, slender and toned. An athletic body type...An hourglass build but I'm so lacking in fat that it's very toned. I'm not very busty, just a small C. I have blond hair and green eyes. And darker skin. I'm Caucasian, I just not pale. I get really dark in the summers and my hair bleaches out to be nearly white.

Does anyone have any styles that would look good with my body type? I'm not really into dresses/skirts. But I'd sooner wear a dress than a skirt. I also can't stand skinny jeans. So please don't suggest those. Anyone who tells me that the country look is skinny jeans and plaid is wrong. So I'm just ruling that out right now.

I'm looking for easy-to-do hair styles, makeup techniques and clothing styles and whatnot that would work for me. Links would be appreciated. Oh, and if everything could be on the cheaper side of things that'd be great too :)

I'm going to college in the fall so I'm thinking that'll be a good time to switch up my style. New environment and all that stuff.


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  • Start by getting some more girlie accessories. Get a cute headband, maybe a cute purse. Try a girlie belt.

    For clothing, integrate jeans with a girlie top. A button up blouse or a cute top will work with jeans or shorts, but still be comfortable. Flats are a good choice if you don't want to wear heals.

    Dresses are a great way to be more girlie. I would pick something that you love and then wear a cardigan with it.

    For hairstyles a really simple style is to just put your hair in a pony tail and then add a cute flower pin or headband.

    You can also braid your hair after you shower and towel dry it. Then take it out and have waves :)

    Just straightening your hair too looks good.


    I usually just do some mascara and maybe eyeliner. If you want you could also do foundation. Buy a couple shades of eyeshadow you like for special occasions.

    These are some cute outfits that I think would be a good way to integrate country with tomboy and a little girly:



    link (with some straight leg jeans and flats)

    link (this is great with a pair of jeans or shorts)

    link (again, jeans, shorts or a skirt would look great with this)

    link (I like the whole outfit) This one's similar but longer link






    link (pair this with a dress)

    link (or a cute flower pin)

    • Maybe I'll uses some of these. I'm going to college in the fall so that should be a good time to switch up my style.

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  • How about something like this?



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  • Sorry I can't post links... But I can tell you, something that would be great to dress up your everyday look, would be cute vest. If you wear your jeans a tank top and a really fun vest over it with cute accessories this can really perk up your look without taking you to much out of your comfort zone. Another things is simple fashion shirts that again you can just wear a tank and jeans with chiffon tops are the best way to go to look fashionable. For your makeup I would recommend getting a natural powder conseler and foundation to just even out your skin tone... This will make your skin look flawless while still having the feeling that you have no makeup on. Grab a little bit of natural colored eye shadow with some mascara and your good to go. The hair... I would get a wand curling iron and throw a few waves in it this will also help to reduce frizz. It should only take you about 10 minutes to do your hair and makeup in the morning you will just have to get the hang of the wand curler first. You can get a conair wand curler for 25 dollars at a pharmacy store like cvs or walgreens. Oh also I would recommend getting some flats or cute sandals to go with your outfits. Just remember that you have to be comfortable with what your wearing and how you look, so if you don't like dresses and skirts don't wear them, and if makeup and hair isn't your thing than just do those few simple things to help you perk up your look like you want. Good luck :)

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