Girls and their fixed idea of male beauty

Why is it that pretty much every girl in the real world world has it STUCK in their head that an attractive guy has to be like a foot taller than them? Is it because this is biologically what they are attracted to or are girls just too worried about what OTHER girls think about their man?

I really don't buy into the bullsh*t that girls are biologically attracted to guys that they have to stand on their toes to kiss or break their necks to look up to. Maybe back in the caveman days this MIGHT be true.

*rant off*


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  • haha it is kinda biological though, but its definitely not so stuck that its what we HAVE to have.. like first practically, girls like heels. and it looks weird when a girl ends up taller than the guy, just because of social stigmas. not really because of anything else. then the biological part of it comes from the fact that men and hardwired to be protectors. physical size is usually a pretty good indicator off the bat of whether or not a guy can take care of you. its not a foot though lol my preferred height is like 5-9 inches taller..

    • Well yeah, I was exaggerating a bit when I said a foot taller. But that is what it looks like when you see pictures of 5'5 girls kissing their boyfriends and he is 6'2 or 6'3. Looks like she is breaking her neck to look up at him which I don't see how anyone could find that attractive...

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  • why are guys so obsessed with boobs thighs and ass?

    there really is a biological reason for all of this,

    and some of it is very interesting to read

    males are (usually) supposed to be physically bigger than females. other features like muscles, body hair, broad shoulders, and a big jaw are all signs of high testosterone and therefore, healthy mates that can produce healthy offspring.

    a females hips and breasts show that she has high estrogen levels and therefore can bear children and feed them.

    i remember reading something about asses looking like breasts, and lips resembling a vagina, but I forget the details...

    there is also a lot on what makes a male or females face attractive to the opposite gender.

    though there are always exceptions, these are the reasons why we think like this.

    • See a guy IS bigger than the girl if he is 5'8 and she is 5'5. What the hell is just so unattractive about a guy only being THREE inches taller than her?

  • Actually I don't like tall guys, lol. I am 5'3 and I just want the guy to be taller than me, which is not impossible. I have only been with guys who are under 6ft lol.

    I find it a bit ridiculous for a girl who is like 5'3 to want their guy to be 6ft plus and will only date a guy who is 6ft+.

    • I agree completely! I don't even see what is wrong with a 5'8 guy dating a 5'5 girl. Come on! He is 3 inches taller how is it THAT bad?

  • It's no different than most guys being attracted to long hair and big boobs (don't deny they are!).

    On a side note, I DO prefer shorter men, only because I'm short myself. If I was 5'4 or taller, though, I'd be into tall guys too.

    • I think it's a common misconception about men that boobs matter a lot. I personally don't even notice them at all. The main thing that attracts me to a girl are face, hips, legs, and height. In that order. Height IMO a girl shouldn't be too tall or too short. 5'5 is perfect height to me but unfortunately most girls that height want a guy 6'0 and up.

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    • I'm not nearly as picky about height as girls are... I'm not attracted to any girls taller than all. And for the really short girls well that is unattractive too. If a girl is 3 inches shorter than me that would be perfect. If a guy is only 3 inches taller than a girl...then he might as well forget it...

    • You're being hypocritical. You can't critisize girls for having a height preference, meanwhile you have your own height preference.

  • we just like men who are much taller than us. that's not to say that I don't find men who are shorter attractive, but if I had to design the ideal man yeah he'd be over 6 ft

    i can't really explain it, it just is what it is. I like what I like deal with it

  • Are guys attracted to girls shorter than them?

    • Aboslutely, I would say the most attractive girls are always shorter than me...

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    • What? Unless his face is like Johnny Depp? Who is only 5'9 but girls drool over him.

    • There have been some non-celebrity males that I have thought were attractive and were either my height or only a couple of inches taller than me. I do like guys to be taller than me but I don't really care how much taller.

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