Girls, do you dress "nice" to feel good or to impress a guy

There's this girl I like who I only see once a week. But every time I see her, she's dressed up sorta nice. Not like over the top dressed to the nines but..not really a slob either. She knows she'll probably be seeing me on the same day at the same time every week. Why does she do it?


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  • I do both. I want to look good for the guy I'm interested, but I generally dress decently whenever I leave the house lol. I just like looking well put together rather than sloppy.

    Whilst its possible she's dressing up for you, I doubt it. Because you only see her once a week its hard to gage how she usually dresses and whatnot. Also, the fact that you say she's dressed up "sorta nice" suggests she's not really dressing up at all, but just looking presentable. I know this isn't what you want to hear, so do what most people on GAG do and argue with me pointlessly because you don't like what I said, even though you asked for our opinions.


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  • Judging from the down votes you are giving to the honest female insights that are not stating what you want to read, you seem to have made your mind up.

    I will still state my variant of experiential reality for the sake of edification, which is nourishing for all of us.

    Why would a person doing anything in their personal life be about the slight chance that someone else might see them for a fraction of their entire day/week/life?

    We have to spend the money on the clothes and whatever else we choose and we have to walk round in it.

    Even the girls who may tell you hat you want to hear still have to like what they are wearing to wear it all that time you are not around.

    It's about her. Just as your life is about you.

    If anything, the days I attract all the attention of you mates who think I am dressing FOR YOU or those days when I seem to attract more lesbian attention, I am afraid to wear those clothes again.

    I spent my formative years in a beach city and was allowed to go topless on the beach, sometimes on the boardwalk and local store like all the boys did until I turned 6 and my bumps started showing. Then, when I hit puberty at about 9,long after I had started covering myself, the 13 year old boys and some men started taking away the pleasant free experience they all allowed each other to have at the beach, down the street, in the park, at school by not staring at and commenting on each others' mere BEing all the time.

    She wears clothes.

    You wear clothes.

    It's part of a civilized society. It's not about you and she might be happy to go without if she were on a stranded island with no threat of any 'I know why she's doing that: it's for me" overtures.

    I spent too much of my youth trying to figure out how to detract attention, especially the presumptuous 'complimentary attention' so many people seem to think they are giving their blessing upon another person with their oh-so-important approval.

    If you think this girls likes you, be nice to her.

    If you develop a closer relationship naturally one of you may ask the other out.

    Leave it alone.

    Let people just BE.

    Don't fall into the trap of believing the battle-of-the-sexes propaganda, thinking that any interest you have in a female has to be romantic or that anything a female does around or for you has to be manipulative or passive-aggressively sexual.

  • Both.

    I dress nicely because it makes me feel good, but I might sex it up a little to impress a guy.

    Both of them really cause me to feel confident and pretty which causes the reaction of impressing a guy.

    It also depends on what her style is. She may just be a generally dressed up person. I've had people ask me "why I was so dressed up" when I just thought that was a regular cute outfit

  • I always try to dress "nice" or not sloppy because it makes me feel like I'm projecting a better image of myself than if I just threw something on sloppily. And when I feel like I'm projecting a good image then I feel more confident and I guess that aura of confidence is what impresses people. If I'm looking for attention then I'll wear something tighter or something that shows more cleavage. I realize that guys don't look at clothes the same way girls do, so I don't bother trying to "impress" guys with what's in style because, frankly, most of them have no idea what's in style.

    As for this girl, if you only see her once a week then you can't be sure what she's doing. She may dress nice every day and you just don't see her.

  • I dress pretty much the same either way, I dress nicely daily regardless. it makes me feel good, but I will take it up a notch if I am trying to impress. I've put on makeup when I was staying home and no one was going to see me, just cause it made me feel good. though oddly I get approached more when I put in less effort.

  • We could do it for either reason. There's a guy in one of my classes and if I know that we are working together in a lab that day I'll dress a little nicer but if we are just having a lecture day and I know that he will barely see me then I'll usually dress more for comfort. But some days I just wake up feeling sexier than others and want to look as sexy as I feel so I wear my favorite outfit or something. Then I have my days where I wake up feeling bloated or just really tired or whatever and throw on some sweats to cover up.

    As far as this girl goes, it could be that she knows she will see you. Or if you only see her once a week, maybe she dresses like that all the time and you don't know it.

  • It's probably just her style.

    I tend not to be too much of a lazy dresser if I'm going out anywhere doesn't have to be a special place... I don't over do it either but you won't be seeing me in sweat pants at school or the grocery store. So I don't do it to impress anybody, it's just what I feel more comfortable in out in public. However, it's very possible that she might be doing it for you. :]

    • I like your answer. Yes, I like it because of your last sentence, this is true, but I like how you worded it all

  • Feel good!

  • I dress to impress myself hahaha, just makes me happier to look good. :)


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