Can I Wear This Dress To Class?

So I'm having a lesson in like 3 hours and I have this dress I want to wear.

Its in my profile pic, so pleeeeaaassee lemme know what you think.

Oh yeah I'm going for a wedding afterward and I really don't want to have to change.

And Yes I know a class on a Sunday...YUCK!

Was thinking of putting on a blue denim jacket on top to go wth the ress

So I did wear the dress, and everything went well.

Just got complimented on it :)

Thanxx for your advice.

And the wedding was awesome


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  • Well if you want, I can't imagine anyone will stop you. However, I think that this dress would be a little too fancy for class. People might stare, point, or ask a lot of questions. Then there's questions about comfort, or whether or not you're sure you can keep it clean all day. So yeah this might not be advised. Still yeah you could wear it.

    I say you can probably wear it, no problem. You do look nice, just remember that there are all the other things I mentioned above to consider. So keep it in mind. Barring that... do whatever the hell you want and wear whatever you want.

    Have fun at the wedding.

    • True it's kinda fancy but I was thinking of pairing it up with a denim jacket to tone it down a bit.

      I would be comfy in it, and its only for like @hrs in class, so hopefully I can keep it clean for that long.

      Thanxx :)

      I will definitely keep all of that in mind.

      And I'll try to do what I want.

      Have my fingers crossed hoping the wedding is fun.

    • Glad it all worked out.

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  • It is a formal/fancy dress but if it is too hard to change I guess it is fine.

  • Hahahaha good but rules.

    • No rules like that ;)

      Just need to be decent...and I think that that's pretty decent :)

      Plus rules were meant to be bbroken...sometimes

What Girls Said 5

  • That's beautiful :O ... well you could but it does really stand out! You'd probably get a lot of people asking you where you're going after!

    • Thanxx :)

      I think I kinda want to stand out ;)

      minus all the qeustions tho' :)

      And I can't wait!

      Plus the guy I like will also be there so that's another reason I want to stand out-ish

    • The jacket is a good idea, I was thinking of that too! hahah sounds like a plan!

    • Yay!

      High-five :)

      Great minds think alike ;)


  • I don't see why not? Where I live most girls wear dresses in class.

    • Wish I went there.

      Mostly girls wear jeans and skirts to class.

      Not many wear dresses to class.

      Thanxx tho.

  • Unless there's a rule saying you can't wear dresses like that, then why not? Or just wear some sweats and a tanktop and switch into your dress afterwords. It'll be more comfy!

    • No rule saying anything of the sort :)

      Plus I have my finger crossed that my classmates will also dress kinda up,

      it being a weekend and all.

      True it would definitely be way more comfy.

  • i say change into your dress afterward, you might get hot and sweaty s

  • I think it is a bit too much for a class. People may look towards you in an odd way. It is a lovely dress though. If I were you, I'd try to change anyway even though it can be troublesome.

    • Thanxx.

      I did actually wear it and everything was cool.

      Probably I'll change next time.