Stretch marks a turn off?

I hate that stretch marks on my legs, my calfs, and my butt and it makes me really subconcious around my boyfriend. I'm pretty muscular for a girl and I wonder if this has something to do with it. would it be a turn off for most guys?

I find it weird that guys actually find them hot but thanks for answers.


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  • my girlfriend of nearly 4 years has them on the back of her thighs, and I STILL get a raging boner every time I see her butt. I can go 4 to 5 rounds with her and not get tired. bottom line is that if your man really loves you, he wouldn't and shouldn't give a damn about something so insignificant. and it's "selfconciuos" (small correction).


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  • No biggie I would not even mind, sometimes they can actually be kind of cute but I would expect the girl to have some stretch marks at least rather then none

    • im pretty sure I told you not to use my picture as your profile pic :P

    • its me in underwear, what you on about fool! :P

    • pretty sure sephy looks better than that...o.O

  • What do strech marks look like?

  • NO! Stretch marks do NOT bother most all..some find them to be hot...O:O

    • @Update..Well they are unique to each female...and that is what would make them hot...I mean I hate f***ing tattoos but stretch marks are natural...part of a Real Female...(:

    • So what are they?

    • ?what is what?..You are saying that stretch marks & tattoos are ok?

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