When trying to grow out bangs(fringe), what do you do when they're not short but not long enough either?

Hello. My hair is straight/a little wavy. My bangs kind of wave out and it's not really nice. What can I do with them? Also, do you have any idea of a hair style I can pick without bangs, or that the front is long and shapes my face?

My hair is medium length, above my shoulders. It used to be a bob. I want it to get longer.

I feel like I'm speaking with a hair dresser. It'll take a while to grow out.



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  • I have been growing my hair our for almost 5 years, it is a bit below my bum. I constantly cut it, and cut my bangs. I have cut them WAY too short, or messed them up, so on. Flat iron them and pin them back if they get in the way, but if you want them to grow faster, do not use any product (flat iron, hair spray, coconut goop) just shampoo, but keep them pinned up. Does that make sense?

    • bet guys have fun pulling on that hair?

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    • hahahaha yeah, yeah you could say that :)

    • And, add me, if you have any more questions or anything, I'm pretty good with hair, so I can answer most questions about handling it :)

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