What do you think of Miss Jessies Curly hair products??

Have you used them?Do you have any favorites? I'm thinking of trying them...


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  • this website is predominantly white/non-black. 90% of the people here don't know wtf you're talking about. lol

    anyway I tried her products once - the curly buttercreme. I stopped using it because its not vegan, but I did like it. it was moisturizing and it made my hair smell like peppermint which I love :)

    • Yes,but there are still people who know what I am talking about so that's all that really matters,even if it's only a few.Secondly,the products are not only for "black" hair.Where I live they have Miss Jessie salons that caters to ALL types of curly hair,from all ethnicities.So the products are for "everyone". And even if I don't receive numeous responses,it doesn't necessarily mean people are ignorant about the products either.But thanks for your opinion.

    • no problem. I never said the company doesn't cater to different types. it seems like most of the people who use those products are people of color though, the founders are black (mixed), etc. none of my white or Asian friends know what miss jessies is, but of course that's only my experience. fair enough. anyway, you can always go on hair forums like naturallycurly.com or longhaircareforum.com to get more info about this. and you'll get way more responses.