Does anybody like Ginnifer Goodwins haircut in the t.v. show Once Upon A Time?

As the question say's, does anybody like Ginnifer Goodwins

haircut in the t.v. show Once Upon A Time?

I'm asking, because I just got my hair cut on Saturday and it looks

something like her's, only mine's a little different and different color,

but it's something to that effect. So I was just wondering if anyone

likes it or thinks it's cute?

And, for the long hair loving guys. Do think she still maintains her

feminity in that short hair or do you think she looks like a dude?

If you still think she looks feminine, are you attracted to her or do

you think she's attractive?

FYI, I'm really just curious, I promise I'm not asking this because

I want to know if I'll be attractive to guys. I mean the the way I

figure it is, if there's a man in this world that I'm meant to with.

then we'll eventually find are way to each other, but if there's not

and I'm meant to be alone forever then I will. So, whether my hair

is short or long, doesn't really make a difference.Whatever is

meant to be wil be, so I should just do what do and look the way I

look ,because all that really matters is that I'm happy with me, not

if other people are happy with me.

Anyway, thank you in advance for any and all answers! : ) Have a

lovely day!


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  • a lot of guys prefer,or at least say they prefer long hair,cause it's more feminine,but really,if they can't tell a guy from a girl just cause of a haircut-there's something wrong. you can't get more feminine than ginnifer in that show,she's the epitome of girlishness

    • Thank you! : ) I totally agree with you on everything you said and every point you made.

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    • That's very good to know, thank you! : ) I have a question for you, is there a reason guys say

      that like long hair, when really they don't care? Is it some kind of man logic, that I just don't gasp?

    • yup,they think liking short hair,which is a sign of masculinity,will make them seem gay,now there are a few bright ones who realize that it's just hair,and that long hair was a symbol of femininity when women didn't have better sh*t to do than comb their hair and look pretty,but now,we have jobs,jobs that require us not obsessing over split ends and our hair getting stuck-short hair means that you have things to do,and well,if guys want some girl who doesn't-they can get a gold digger.

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