Jean sizings / brand?

Hey I need help finding a brand whose sizings have a bigger waist and smaller leg measurement.

I wear size 8AU jeans but the problem is - the waist/band is WAY TOO TIGHT, the legs are way too baggy.

I have tried jeggings, I wear a size 6 but this means I still get a muffin top but it fits fine through the legs (it does bunch a bit at the ankles but it still looks presentable). I don't want a muffin top.

I cannot go up or down a size in any because it'll either become way too big or way too small. I fit size 6AU dresses perfectly, my measurements are 31.5" 23.5" 34.5"

I don't want to taylor my pants as the last time it was meant to cost $80 so that really is my last option.

People call me skinny so I really cannot understand how on earth I cannot fit into any friggen pant! Well no, I've only found one pant which I FIT PERFECTLY - it was from another country. All the jeans I own are like my examples above - horrible fit.

I hope you can help, seriously.


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  • I have this problem also, I'm skinny and quite tall, however sometimes the assumption of shops is that skinny girls have no hips and I see the tops of jeans get slimmer and slimmer..suddenly clothes are designed for people of perfect proportions! I think not. My best advice and what helped me (I'm the same size as you) is to go to different shops and literally try on jeans until you find one of perfect fitting, it seems simple but I swear down, there will be somewhere, probably in a normal fashion retail store that will have your size and if they are then too expensive, get on eBay and grab the same product at a cheaper price. No need at all to get clothes tailored, that's a harsh decision and is unnecessary when it's money you would rather be spending on other things. It's a simple thing to do but there really will be a high street retailer who will sell the right size for you, you just need to shop around a little. I seriously had the same issue as this before when buying skinny jeans especially but I really looked around places and eventually somewhere showed up and now I have perfect fitting jeans which are comfortable all over.

    Also, sometimes it's better to get jeans that are a couple of centimetres too big on the waist .. only a few then you can belt them up for a really individual fit but big enough to make it noticeable enough that you got a few centimetres more on the waist.

    • Okay! But I have been looking for 10 years! hahaha >< I'm glad you replied though!

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    • Skinny jeans, but I was asking about other clothes in general too. I'm familiar with UK sizing, I looked around a lot on the net for clothes. You can still recommend UK shops, I try my best to get my clothes from wherever that fits. :) Make the impossible possible! hahah

    • yeah sounds like you could use some luck on the jeans front! I'd first of all try Topshop, they do skinny sizes but do bigger waist sizes to fit and it's reasonably priced! or H&M.

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