What should I wear to make a guy notice me?

i want to look hot and I want to look good but how I mean what should I wear I want to be the one in the big group of girls that all the guys want will you help me?


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  • well

    theres the moral answer

    then there's the immoral answer

    u want to go with the moral one, and just wear what you feel most comfortable in, all you gots to do is be outgoing ya know?, be interesting and have fun

    the immoral answer, would be, like wear lots of middle to a lot of makeup do your hair in a sexy way, wear a cute low cut top, wear a perfume (specifically lavender or pumpkin pie (yes I said pumpkin pie), short skirt or tight pants, and the sexiest shoes you can find like heels and such

    but of course, you gotta be able to pull that look off (have the body for it, if you dont, you can't pull it off)

    guys, though we may say we like that stuff, are not really into it, we like a girl that can just be "relaxed" in what she feels best in, showing her personality through her clothes and through her speech

    aight I'm done with my fashion rant for today

    thanks for listening


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  • nice make-up is good BUT not to much! do your eyes BUT leave the rest alone. It looks bad when you apply so much foundation it looks like you painted your face on.

  • Wear clothes that flatter your shape and tight fitting clothes are good for catching a guys eye.