Do guys really only care about a girl's body?

I'm not skinny at all but I am different and get all stupid around guys... ha ha well the ones I like... I'm 17 and I don't know if my weight is the problem but I have never had a real boyfriend and I don't even have a prom date :( I don't know if it's me or just high school guys but I really do want a relationship and the ones I want one with wither friend zone me or ignore me all together ... And help here thanks


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  • When you're in high school, more guys put looks as a top priority than they do when they get older and more mature. I'm not saying caring about looks is wrong, I just mean they start to realize there are more important things. You start to realize that if you want an actual relationship, you're going to want someone you like as a person AND are attracted to. That's when guys start paying more attention to personality.


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  • Weight is most likely your problem if not your face.

    • Wow guys who are in the army are such jerks!

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  • Men care about looks, personality is only secondary and only comes into play after we've decided looks is sufficient. Such is the qualifying process all humans, male or female, make when finding a suitable mate.

  • before a guy checks out a girls body he checks out her face

  • No, we don't only care about the body, though the younger we are, the more of a premium the body takes on.

    Personality counts as well.


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