What are the best hair products and health supplements for an itchy scalp?

I have an itchy scalp with frizzy hair that falls out easily each time I comb and wash my hair or scratch my scalp.I lose about 50 strands of hair each day and my hair is getting thinner and thinner each day. :(


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  • OMF***ING LORD I know how to help you! okay all you have to do is take Saw Pamellow ( you can get it from your grocery store) and Biotin you can get that too. take both of those 2 times a day both morning and night. and buy any anti itch shampoo, along with the conditioner. that has not that much sodium in it. I've been doing this and my hair stopped falling out I was so scared I would go bald. But I stopped my hair from falling out :D!

    Women usually don't have negative DhT that affects men's hair. It is usually a vitamin deficiency that women have.

    • Thanks a million!Saw pamellow?Is that the correct spelling?May I know what brand

      of this and Biotin you took?

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    • oh and I just check my biotin bottle says 5000mcg not 1000

    • Haha,thanks again.Yes,we really need to take good care of our hair and make it healthy,thick and glossy so that we look our best.Our local advertisement says our hair makes up 80% of our beauty and we don't want to lose that.Haha.I now try to avoid eating prawns and cockles as I think they cause the scalp to be itchy even though I wash my hair every day.

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  • I would go to a dermatologist. I had this problem and it turns out I have psoriasis. However, there are a lot of good over the counter treatments that help with it in addition to things you can get from the dermatologist. My bald spots disappeared once I got it under control and it is manageable now.

    • Thanks a million!Is a dermatologist a skin specialist?May I know what is psoriasis and what did the doctor do to help you?I am going to see one soon.

  • Take a multi vitamin and a all natural hair product.

    Use organic products, products without fragrance. Have you been to your local hair salon to see what they would recommend? Have you been to a doctor?

    My daughter uses Bumble and Bumble, for frizzy hair. Not sure if you could use this.

  • maybe Nizoral 2%? but check up on it because I don't exactly know the cause of itch on your scalp and I wouldn't want to make it worse :(

    • Ok,thank you!Don't worry,I will check up on it :)

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    • Can I ask what your diet is like? Itchy makes me think inflammation which makes me think food :P *might be able to help if I know a bit more*

    • I go mostly vegetarian.The only meat I eat are chicken,fish and seafood.