How can you wear a white shirt with white pants?

I was wondering if you can wear a white tank top with white pants without looking fat or weird ? I have my class picture and we have to wear white and I already have a white tank top how can you wear them to make them look flattering ?


link any advice would be helpful also what is the best pants style in white pants?


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  • I think you can pull this look off but only if you add some bright color, something like this link See how she added a pop of color? Just add something colorful so it woun't be bland.


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  • how about something like this? link

    or does it have to be long pants?

    • Yep lol I found some cute shorts but it has to be long :P Thanks :)

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    • Lol yes I'm trying to have my own style I like wearing different things lol. I need to buy more clothes because I have a bunch of t shirts and almost no other shirts ha ha or whatever lol. That is awesome ha ha Thanks :)

    • good luck, I'm off to buy some

      new shoes now <3 (lol)

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  • wear a pink blazer like this: link

    If you don't like pink, choose a different color. But blazers look very flattering on curvy girls.