I find my unattractive look and my weight make males angry?

males are never nice to me for reason to feel compiled to pick on me and call me names some times for no reason it has happened me few times.males react very badly in my present say horrible nasty things to me.they have over riding need to hate me or bully me or belittle me and tell me I am worthless I could would not doing any thing to them I know that's weird but it true and how much they hate me yet they nice attractive girls they fancy they get royal treatment and called babe and top model all becasue they like how they look I find that very unfair why males have dual standards like this get away with it .some even get violent with me,treat me very harsh with no mercy none at all.

i do nothing to them just over riding need to hate me and me know how much they hate me and they want me gone.

this all the time all the time no amount counsellors can tell why this is happen why do need to hate me and bulling me and call me names why do they need to feel to this to me why

i can not help my genetic and how I look and my weight and height ,age yet they call me all those name old , fat ,ulgy ,

they tell me they hate me even threatint me its so not fair

i went to doctor to get new counsellor to explain my problem I end

in tears and so depressed and so hurt and sad these ****s can be so sweet to girls they fancy so sickly sweet to them and take intertsed in when it come the battle lines are drawn and combat starts when ti comes I can understand why I am always getting hostile treatment even male counsellor insulted me told me every thing is my fault professional psychologist .well I told he was bastards who hurted me and insulted me no better

please can any one tell why is this happen me why is it happen me all my life since I was 13 years old why what did I do

pleae can one help me please I beg you help me with my problem please please
i know I am ugly looking and fat and short its not my fault I look like this and my age is not my fault its still no reason to be cruel and mean call me names and hurt my feeling call me old I know what I look I hate how I look but I need shallow males to make feel much worse just because they born good looking and fit to pick on me who was not blessed with good looks and nice shape

to be pick on me what give them the right ot cruel & mean just they good looking & people like them .


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  • You say you can't control your looks and weight, but you can.

    And professional counsellors are not d***s. If he said that some things were your fault, they probably were.

    Angry bitter girls, are not attractive. And you can control if you're angry and bitter.

    • they were not and you another bloody male may be read it you have read what happened instead if you own conclusion.i have every right to bitter I was tarted trash you were bitter if every girl told you waste asn energy how would like it years and years of it .I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BITTER

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    • i spend entire life being verbal abused and attacked insulted I am wrong no I don't think so .i won't ever side with male who judges me with out knowing me like you have done not know what I ahve been through and what I have suffered in constance fear of males abuse and insulted so I am not wrong.i was ATTACKED DO YOU KNOW WHAT ATTACKED MEAN IT MEAN VIOLENT ATTACKED YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND BUT I DO.I AM NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO SHALLOW GUY LIKE YOU .its you that sad not me;

    • I didn't say anything nasty about you and you responded with anger and insults.

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  • Not all men, but a lot of men value women strictly based upon how they look. That isn't your fault; it's theirs. I don't know if that helps any, but that's how I think it is.