Too much muscle in my legs?

My legs are skinny, but they have too much muscle on them. How can I get toned, yet skinny legs that look great?


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  • No offense, but I see and hear this question a lot. And yet, in just about every case, the girl doesn't actually have muscular legs. They are either unhealthily skinny, or in denial that their packing fat on their legs.

    Just because your legs are bigger than you wish, and the skin is somewhat tight, does not mean they're muscular. It's most likely just fat legs. It could even be skinny-fat syndrome. Where you're skinny, but so out of shape, you look fat in areas.


    I don't mean to insult you, but if you had muscular legs this is what they'd look like:

    muscular legs:




    skinny, muscular legs


    They're extremely sexy, still feminine and you'd have to train for them. You don't just naturally get blessed with muscular legs. So, this idea that through just walking and socializing a lot, you accidentally got muscular legs is a bit off. It is more than likely, they're just fat and you think they're muscular. OR you have a perverted perspective of what looks skinny/healthy/muscular (e.g. like an anorexic). I take this assumption because it is highly unlikely you did resistance training for your legs, with the mindset that they could possibly get too muscular. So I don't think that is the case.

    So things I'd suggest:

    1.) Develop a healthy sense of what looks good.

    2.) Actually google fitness models to get an idea of what it means to be a female and muscular and then you'll start to see if that is truly your problem.

    3.) Realize that leg muscle in women usually retains it's feminism

    4.) Start evaluating if your legs are muscular enough ;)

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      but it's not that hard for some girls to get muscular legs...

      Some people like myself, get muscle definition easily. Mine are like girl #2 under your muscular.

      and the skinny muscular pic is uncommon lmao just sayin

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    • Then why is it assumed that all thin girls are unhealthy? Or is it only fine when it's making a point you want?(or a point that makes girls who aren't thin feel good)?

      You assumed models were unhealthy. I wonder why guys drool over VS models even though they starve themselves for weeks at a time before photoshoots and the fashion show lmao

    • I never insinuated ALL models were unhealthy ? Where are you getting that?

      And again, we weren't talking about appearances, so no matter what guys drool over.. the topic is still health and not aesthetics.

      The only way you can seem to respond is by making up arguments for me.. like somehow concluding I prefer girls to be obese, and now concluding that I think all models are grotesque or unhealthy. So.. I'm done. Since you're just saying random bs now.

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  • Define "too much muscle." Also depends on what type of guy you're going for. A lot go for legs with a lot of muscle on them.

    • Women lack the physiology needed to be able to build a level of muscularity that would be in any way unattractive to most men without either steroid use or extremely heavy supplementation combined with a ridiculously intense training regimen and diet.

  • keep that..need those beastly thighs wrapped around me in bed


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  • You aren't gonna get any answers on here about that, fyi

    Guys on here tend to be anti-skinny and antimuscle until they see Qs like this and then they automatically prefer muscular legs.

    They think you're out to please them

    You're gonna get nothing but criticism, just speaking from experience

    • I think it's more a question of different questions attracting different users. Guys who dig girls with muscular legs are more likely to answer questions about it, etc...

      In any case, athletic guys generally prefer athletic girls, and have an appreciation for the type of body that an athletic lifestyle brings. It's all about compatibility.

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    • At the gym the girls who get approached the most are the ones who look like they practically live there. The ones who do more than just spend an hour on a treadmill and call it a day.