How should a person like me dress?

I am tall a little over six feet tall and I am thin but I have a round baby face that makes me look young for my age. I normally where loose fitting jeans or sweat pants with a t-shirt and a hoody. How can I dress to look older?


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  • Trash the hoodie and sweat pants. With your height you can wear anything. Mini skirts would look hot on you with strappy flat sandals or cute flip flops. You can wear high waist pants with flare leg or skinny jeans. You can't do anything wrong with your body type. And if you get too nervous about wearing such bold things, then a maxi dress is you best friend.

  • If your hair is long cut it short, if your hair is short grow it and then get an edgy haircut. You should also wear tighter fitting clothes, make sure you measure yourself and wear your real size. Try wearing more structured clothing instead of sloppy hoodie and sweats. It will make you look more polished and older. You could also try building some muscle but not too much because thin guys are hot.

    • I'm gonna take that last part as a compliment, thanks.

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