Ladies, What is unattractive about this chest/ab area (what "needs work")?


I'm currently working to improve my body and my health, and I've been running a ton and wanted to know what I should improve?

ignore that there's no tan, but past that, what needs work?


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  • Well, working out with weights would be great for you. Getting something like Proactiv body wash for the chest acne. You don't 'need' a 6 pack, but some toning to even the stomach out would help the look a lot. A little definition never hurts, but don't think you need to be built to be attractive.

    You say you've been doing running, which is cardio and that's great and healthful. It burns fat and makes the heart stronger. But some sit ups and other ab and chest exercises would help a lot. But don't fret, you're not far from any goals you could set.


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  • I think you look pretty fit. No real issues there.

  • I personally don't really care about if a guy is tanned or not but I do enjoy a guy that is somewhat built I mean you can't be a fatty cake that's just a turn off get a six pack?

    • I know, getting a six pack is my goal, but I'm wondering what you think of where I am right now.

    • basically keep working? not really that hot yet?

    • ya get some abs

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  • You just need to work out more. I can tell you just started a short while ago. You wanna fill out and get some muscle definition.

    • Yeah, started only recently, but I'm definitely improving. Hoping for abs by August.

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    • Then I'd suggest you stop doing cardio. You're only making it harder for yourself to gain mass by doing cardio. You need every calorie you can get. This also depends on how you metabolize your food. If you eat a lot and gain very little weight, cut cardio out all together. If you eat little and gain weight fast, then the cardio would be okay.

    • yeah, I can gain weight quickly. I'm gonna keep with the cardio specifically because I want a lean body. Don't care if I'm really skinny or not, but I'm gonna change my diet just a little bit to add more fat into it and level off in August. I really asked this question because I wanted to kinda get an update on my progress, figure out if girls are like "ooooh heeey" or if I need to work more.

  • What are your stats? Height and weight.

    You probably need a lot of work. I'd estimate your body fat at about 20%. You gain a lot of muscle, and lose fat.

    And in short, everything needs work (just being honest).

    • 6 foot 180

    • Yeah, you should cut down to 15% bodyfat and get on a full-body routine. Focus on losing fat, then focus on building muscle after. You need to lose about 10 pounds of fat, which should take about two months. In order to see abs, you'll have to cut down to 12% or lower. You have to keep lifting while you're cutting fat, or you'll lose muscle ALONG with fat (which is very bad).