Abs on guys, what is too much?

Can you rate these pics showing different guys with abs? What is the point where a guy is too ripped, you don't want to look like you're obsessed with yourself but don't want a 2-4 pack either (which is what I got lol).

1. link

2. link

3. link

4. link

the last guy seems to be exactly my size (in terms of muscle) so when I drop a few more lbs that's what I'll probably look like, fit but not some bodybuilding freak monster


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  • I, personally, don't like the abs too boxy -- looks too robotic. Some softness there is more sexy to me. Also, I don't like the protruding pelvis on some of those guys -- still seems freaky to me.

    Another thing, pick 2 looks like a monster with eyes for nipples and belly button for mouth...just saying.


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  • I think number 2 is TOO ripped. I like definition but I mean it doesn't matter to me much. Just don't be too ripped.

    • if you could pick one of them which one do you think is good for a normal guy to have without seeming like he's obsessed with himself, not someone who is a fitness model or pro body builder

    • I think number one is good. The guy I was talking about in my question has abs but he is not super super defined but it's sexy still

  • 1 and 4 - HOT HOT HOT!

  • I couldn't open link 2 but they all look fine to me

  • 1. awkward looking

    2. revolting and disgusting. it literally made me cringe.

    3. meh

    4. HELL YEA. by far the ebst

  • Number 2 is gross. The rest are looking good


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