Why do girls with curly hair have a curling iron?

I am completely uneducated in the beauty industry. I admit that. But I have an exchange sister at the moment and she has long, extremely curly brown hair. And it's naturally like that. But the other day we went to prom and she was using a curling iron... my question is...if you already have curly hair why do you need a curling iron? Like, I have naturally stick straight hair so I never use a straightener, so why would she need a curling iron if her hair was already curly?


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  • Because naturally curly doesn't really look the same always as curly made hair. The curls are much tighter then and the texture is much more decent. I also used to wonder about it, cause I have wavy hair and a friend was like oooh let's use a curling iron on your hair and I kept thinking how weird it was but the finish looked amazing. Much better than my natural wavy to curly hair.


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  • To tame the curls, to make it curl in a way it doesn't go naturally, to alternate them, get rid of some frizz, bigger curls, smaller curls, bouncier, shinier, make the curls flatter & because of the heat it's most likely going to stay set that way throughout the day despite the environment.

  • using a curling iron gives you full-bodied curls. sometimes natural curls are not as aesthetically pleasing. I have wavy-straight hair that I'll straighten anyways just to get it to that extreme level of straightness lol.

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