Should I dress-up...or dress-down for the occasion?

Guys: If you were traveling across the country to visit a girl you met last summer...and she was picking you up at the airport...would you prefer to see her looking slightly dressed up (think summer dress, boots, feminine, pretty) or dressed casual (classic levi's and t-shirt)?

I FEEL like dressing up and looking pretty! But would it come off as trying too hard?

The other thing is that he has never seen me in anything but work-wear in outdoor dirty I kinda want to give him a chance to see me looking more feminine. But I don't want any extra attention either...if that makes sense?


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  • I would recommend something in between. I'd elaborate, but it'd be easier just to tell you to read EasyEC's answer. Haha. The only addition I would put to that list is that you might be able to pull off a long sun dress as long as it wasn't too flashy.


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  • You can look hot without being so direct. Make use of the accessories.

    A couple examples:

    Black Boots, jeans (somewhat tight), crimson top (padded bra, not too conservative but no visible cleavage), lipstick that matches top, dangly earings, bracelet on one arm.

    Tan boots, jeans (somewhat loose), form fitting dark blue top (spaghetti straps, hint of cleavage at most), white see-through knit sweater shrug, cute earrings with blue lighter than top, lip gloss

    Keep in mind the context you're in. Dressing up too much will be out of place at an airport. Also, predict how he'll be dressed when you see him so you can match similarly. Without knowing him, I'd guess he's not going to wear anything too uncomfortable on the plane.

  • It really, really depends on the relationship you have with this guy. Is he a lover? Is he a friend? How close are you two? What are his interests? Etc.

    • He would be a lover if we didn't live in different states ; ) We're getting to be close through writing letters, mostly, but this will be our first real 1-on-1 in-person time...I mean we worked together, had a few nights out with the crew, and spent two nights sleeping beside each other, but then summer was over and we all went our separate ways.

    • Oh and I should clarify, "I don't want any extra attention" just means I don't want to stand out too much or would it make him feel awkward if I was suddenly dressed up? I wouldn't wear anything crazy that isn't my normal style, it's just that he's never seen me looking at all fancy...

    • If I'm assuming right, he's mostly seen you in a less-feminine look, so going straight to full-blown feminine might not be a good idea. I would take your casual look and add some femininity to it, but don't go to the other end of the spectrum.

  • Jeans and a tshirt can be just as sexy as a dress. I think it depends on what you are doing afterwards. If you are going to be going out to dinner or drinks than dressing up would be fine. If you are just going to be hanging out dressing up is going to send him a strong signal. Although if he is coming across the country to see you it probably doesn't really matter that much.

  • is this a first impression?

    if it is, look cute, but not slutty

    if uve seen him in person before, just dress casual


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