Would you be looking at your ex's crotch if you had another man?

Hi Ladies,

I have been watching the behavior of my ex. I had just come in from a cocktail party. I was well dressed! The way the pants fall tend to place some emphasis on my second self (not grossly) I was talking with her and noticed she took a glance at my crotch I ignored it, but have caught her doing this before.

Now things have been rocky between us, and we agreed to date other people, but still live under the same roof.

If she is looking at me like that do you think she may be considering give it the ole college try, or is she just checking a brother out.

The other thing I have noticed is that she will ware clothes around the house like sweats hanging low so I can see the crack of her ass. Or tight tee shirts, then she will go to the bathroom to pee and leave the door open. If I walk in on her she innocently says she's sorry.

Does this really mean anything or am I just being whack!


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  • girls have a tendency to glance down there no matter who you are. unless she's starring slack-jawed, then I wouldn't think anything of it.

    • I don't know any girl that would have a tendency to glance down there. And for what? Most girls I know don't think like that. I am not trying to be rude, I just don't understand that statement since I am a girl.

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  • I can't imagine why a grown woman would look at a guy's crotch. I'm 18 and my and my friends will look at guy's bums every time we see a good looking guy lol but I can honestly say I don't usually look at their crotch. You said that your pants was emphasising it but unless it was standing out like a sore thumb then I still don't get why she'd look and you've caught her looking before so that is strange. With everything else you've wrote as well it sounds like she's either playing with you or wants to have sex with you. Also, if she has another man then it's his crotch she should be looking at lol, no others guys'.

  • She is your ex and you live in the same house but you don't understand her actions. I mean why don't you just ask her.

    • Its not that simple. if I look at her like she looks at me she acts as if I'm some sort of predator. She can approach me and hug me. but if I hug her she will act as if she dosnet want to hug me back. When she looks at me and I mean staring at me crotch she almost seems momentairly hypnotized. If I make and advance she will reject me and have this feeling of control over me as if to say I know you still want it. I don't want her to feel she has power over me.

    • It sounds like she is playing you, and she sounds not to be mean but a little weird. Hypnotized by your crotch, that's weird. I don't know what kind of girl she is but all the ladies I know me included do not care about guys crotches. Women do not look at guys crotches and think or say "ohh he has a nice one there." "or I wonder what it looks like"'or "I would like to just tear his pants off and have sex with him" We don't think like that.

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  • You're a guy. I can't believe you're even asking this question.

    When a girl wears an outfit that calls attention to her breasts, and you look, does it mean anything?

    • Man this is more complex then you think! If I fall for it and she turns me down then she feels she is in a control of the situation and it builds her confidence. My other option is to get her drunk and pile drive the sh@T out of her. Then she will wake up the next morning screaming I raped her. I'm dealing with a woman not some young girl!

    • Wow that is a really weird situation you are in with her. I don't understand it. And not to be rude but it sounds like she is acting like a young girl not a woman. Just my opinion.

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