How should I get my hair cut?

I am a brunette with hazel eyes. my hair is naturally straight but sometimes it goes wavy/curly. I have long, thick hair and I currently have long layers with side-swept bangs. How should I get my hair done? if you could post a link of a pic that would be great, and nothing above the shoulders please!


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  • It's really difficult to say for certain without a picture (though I understand not posting one), best hairstyle for a person changes a lot depending on their face and describing a face is pretty difficult.

    In general though, your hair sounds pretty perfect the way it is. Brunette, straight/wavy and medium-long length is pretty much my favorite.


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  • Maybe like this with some highlights


    but don't over do it, and you don't have to make that face like she is

    • Hah I like that, but I def won't be making that face ;)

    • ok go for it, it's a good style for long hair but not too much and not too plain either

  • can't see it can't give an opinion. there will be more people doing this without a picture. so disappointing. oh well she's probably nasty anyways.

    • wtf. why do you need a picture? I gave you a general description..and I'm not "nasty"..if you want more description then: tan skin, heart shaped face, athletic why answer if you aren't going to be helpful?

  • Ma'am, I think it is going to be really difficult to give you an accurat opinion without seeing a picture. Lets see what our friends have to say.

    • John 2456 up there gave a good answer just fine..and don't "ma'am" me. It is perfectly simple to answer it without my picture. And if you didn't think so, you shouldn't have answered because there's no need to be stupid af and be unhelpful.

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    • SO, are we cool now. :) Sorry for wasting you time with my comment earlier. I had only posted it as I was interested to know if people will be able to give you good advise by explaining the way you explained your hair. Anyway, good that you got a satisfactory comment above.

    • Yeah, we're cool like ice cubes :) (hah, lame I know)

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