Does your butt look dramatically bigger in certain pants?

does your butt look bigger in some pants? mine does. with jeans on my butt looks flatter. even in yoga pants, not too much exaggeration because I barely have an ass. but with this pair of leggings I bought my ass looks huge. I was gonna wear them out since my butt isn't very big and I thought I could pull if off. (to the gym, I never really wear leggings as pants with short tops in public, I wear a long top or dress that covers butt with leggings. my gym top is not that long) but no my butt looks huge. I did not wear those leggings to the gym. lol

does this happen to anyone else? is it the type of material used or what?


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  • I have an ass.

    Certain jeans I wear either take away from that, or compliment my ass even more.

    It is true , it depends on the material/design of the item you are wearing.

  • Yes. My butt looks absolutely massive when I wear leggings and in one of my jeggings.. Depends on the material, pocket placement, etc.