Thoughts on this style?

I've recently started adopting a more mature style, since I look super young for my age (I'm really 18, but often get mistaken for around 13-14).

On a normal day, I'll wear either dark-wash jeans or pants like this: link (though they aren't cropped on me since I'm so short-- they come down to my ankles. :P).

Then I'll throw on a random top (usually a cowl-neck sweater or a cardigan, but I also like more basic t-shirts). I've also started wearing wedges/heels more often, sort of like this: link I kind of want to find some more flats, though. :)

I don't really wear any jewelry or make-up. If it makes a difference, I'm 18 years old, 5'1", and around 95 pounds. Does this style sound okay? Too formal looking? Also, for any guys who read this: does it sounds totally off-putting? :P

Thanks very much in advance for any opinions/advice! :)

Whoops! Sorry about the picture of the shoes. If you click on the black and white swatch in the right-hand box, they should pop up. :)


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  • That's a very ice look and it does make you look more your age. Also very European and sophisticated.

    Good for you, you show such good taste!


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  • Can't view the slingbacks.

    It's fine, probably a bit more.. funky? Stands out a bit more? It's not a bad thing but I think guys would prefer a different style. I think that because the beauty gurus on YouTube have that similar style and it mainly appeals to girls and they've admitted it themselves saying that guys don't get that kind of fashion.

    To add on to that I think age is the big factor. If guys who are in their 20s have a hard time understanding it, I'd imagine it would be harder for 18 year olds.

    Having said that, you should dress the way you like because you'll be much more confident and fashion is quite a personal thing.

    • The style I'm talking about is moreso the pants you linked, with that type of shoe & sweater/cardigan. I'm not talking about the jeans.

    • Thanks very much! Haha, that's true-- I feel like it's probably not super appealing to most guys, but that's okay. I definitely feel much better about myself now that I'm not being mistaken for a kid! I actually ran into someone today who assumed I really was 18. :P

      Thanks again for your advice. :)