My boyfriend who is in his early 50's (I'm 42) wears the same thing all the time! HELP!

He really is a sweet guy. We have a lot in common, we agree on a lot of things. I like wearing different clothes for the most part everyday, guess that's a girl thing! But EVERY time I see him and in pics he put on the net of himself he's wearing that same t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt. Is there something wrong with this guy? Are some guys just afraid of wearing something different once in a while? He had 9 of the same hooded sweatshirts hanging up neatly in his house and three other nice jackets, incl. a black and tan leather one he first wore on our first date, I encouraged him to wear it more often. He seems to wear the same jeans weekly,too. but the clothes are usually clean. Any suggestions? He would look so nice in a different style shirt and jeans if he would try them! Thanks! Carrie


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  • LMAO he's 50 and you want to change him! LMAO I think the man is a proooooooooooobably set in his ways. You are 42, I would think by the time someone reaches that age they would realize they can't change a person. Especially if he's 50... he was over the hill 10 years ago. no offense. You better start loving him for the t-shirt rockin', hoodie stylin', one pair of jeans wearing man he is.

    • Gee, "over the hill"?? wait til your 40! HAHA! Just kidding! Yeah, he's 51, your'e probably right. And he does own a recording studio, goes with that rockin' t-shirt! He'll wear a different shirt if I nicely ask him to. So, I'll just be cool with that! This guy I work with though thinks it's weird he doesn't change his shirts everyday. But he's not dating him! LOL! Thanks for the reply!

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  • Begin with comments about how he'd look sexy, manly, etc. in such and such clothes. Do this as you see something on TV or someone else that'd look good on him. You're communicating to him that seeing different clothes on him would be pleasing to him.

    When you go out together somewhere there are shops, take a minute to (quickly) browse through the stores. The idea here is to get him to look at the guy mannicans that already have pre-selected ensembles that are color-coordinated. Ask him sometimes what he thinks about different mannicans. You're helping him even think about a personal fashion sense without the hassle of trying on endless amounts of clothes.

    Learn how to please him more and he will want to please you more. From the previous two paragraphs, he will now know something that pleases you and will have some idea on how to begin. Finally, when he begins to change his clothes, encourage him. Do it genuinely and don't encourage mediocrity (just don't mention it). Also, don't encourage him on a predictably set schedule, best to be honest while making the effort to discover which of his efforts are compliment-worthy. Giving him (desireable) attention is also a compliment.

    Good luck.

    • Typo, last sentence of first paragraph. It should be "pleasing to you"

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  • Sounds like he wears the same uniform my husband wears. *L* I don't think you're going to change him. My husband wears these things because it's comfy, it fits his lifestyle (outdoorsy, bluecollar, old hippy) I love it on the rare occasions, maybe 3 times a year when my husband wears something else. Makes it that much more special. He lived with a woman for 3 years before we married and she used to dress him. Bought the clothes she wanted him to wear, layed them out for him and threw away the things he liked to wear. I sure as HELL don't want to be her! You can do like EasyEC said, and maybe get lucky and get him to dress differently at least sometimes. You say he's a good guy, he's clean and you have a lot in common. Maybe you need to decide if clothes really do make the man, or is the wrapping not nearly as important as the package. Let me know if you have any luck *S*