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My boyfriend is always struggling with fashion and how he looks, his main problem is that he is very feminine and has a very round face.

He is 5'3 130 pounds, black hair and olive skin. I'm 5'7 in no heels. a lot of the time we are left looking like the real odd couple.

But he has trouble pulling together an outfit, especially since he's so small. his jeans are 29 X 29. Sorry for all the measurements, but I want everyone to really get just how small he is.

His style is something of a cross between Express and a very well put together leather rocker, with heavy military influences

If you have any ideas on where to get some really nice, but relatively cheap clothes, and most certainly a hairstyle, and face regimen that would be great.

I'm hoping to surprise him for his birthday by getting him some of this stuff so he will feel better. :3 Thanks guys!


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  • Well I know the feeling. I'm a similar size as your boyfriend and have a hardtime finding clothes, but I do put a lot of effort into it and girls always compliment me on my style.

    I prefer stores like H&M, express, Gap, banana republic, Guess, Armani Exchange, Pac Sun, True Religion. I don't know there are just so many stores.

    The trick is to shop online. It's hard to find small stuff in the store. Fortunately for me I started lifting weights so I can fit in adults smalls instead of extra smalls. And my pant size went from 28-32. Utilize a tailor if need be, mostly to shorten up pants, or to better fit dressier clothes, like a dress shirt or sport coat.

    Make sure he doesn't wear his clothes too big. Big clothes make a small person look smaller. His clothes should be a bit more form fitting, shirts and pants.

    Hair is a hard one because its really just depends on the persons natural hair type, but he should definitely use gel and style it. Look at celebrities for ideas, since they have top notch stylists who are doing their hair for them.

    Accessorize. Yeah it works for guys to. A nice leather bracelet, maybe a cool chain pendent necklass, or even piercings.

    It's a good you are buying if for him. Telling a guy to dress different doesn't usually work and he'll just get defensive. But if you buy things as a gift not only is he likely to wear them to please you, but its a subtle way of hinting what you like to see him wear but won't put him on the defensive.

    • If you don't mind me asking you said that you started lifting weights. Do you think if he started lifting that would help him? I don't think he would mind getting a little bigger, he's very self concious about it.

      I remember one time havingt to get pants in the childrens' sectioin for a wedding we were attending. XD. Thank you so much, and I'm not gtrying to change him, just to put him on the right track with things that he either can't afford to do, wants to do but isn't confident enough to d

    • Yes, it can only make him look better. I'm short 5'4 so I figured lifting weights would compensate for that, which I'm told it has. Not to mention it makes buying clothes a bit less frustrating. I actually used to by clothes in the children's sections sometimes. Got did I hate that. Just keep in mind if he does do this, it takes work, commitment, and time. Reasonably most people can only gain about 10-20 lbs in a year with extensive training and a good diet.

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  • Well firstly lets tackle his first issue, height. Fitted clothing (NOT skin tight mind you), vertically striped prints, boot cut or slim fit trousers, short jackets and hairstyles that don't let hair down his forehead (such as mohawks) will all make him look taller.

    A mohawk makes the face look longer, especially if he gets his hair trimmed to the Max on the sides (ear region). Even a buzzer cut to the sides oh his head will create this illusion. The Justin Bieber hairstyle or any other that covers the forehead will make the face rounder, and also makes a guy look feminine. If your boyfriend has silky hair, hair wax would do the job. point being, the hair on top of his head should remain long and gravity defying.

    Grooming is a prerequisite for fashion, ESPECIALLY when it comes to guys. Nivea offers an amazing range of face wash gels, shower gels, fragrances and creams. For me its a great cheap gift of quality and worth. I am assuming he is generally skinny when it comes to body proportions, but either ways, ensure he works out and tones his body. Short well built guys look amazing, and he should start swimming and hitting the gym. These activites will make him hungry, and when his apetitte grows, so will his nutrition consumption and built.

    For any guy at all, regular baths, clean and neat hair, good health, and clothes that do justice to your body are absolute musts, cheap and essential ways to look good. Unlike girls, we don't even have to go far beyond that into complications.

    On short feminine guys, avoid flamboyant prints and colors, because he is straight and I'm sure he'd hate to be mistaken as otherwise. You can not go wrong with blacks and whites and grays, simple cuts and fine angular clothing that fits. Cotton, leather and non shiny non sparkly fabrics would do. Avoid fancy designs and go for mature clothing, its generally very cheap, the kind I defined, H&M for instance. For guys too, the best deals are end of season sales and simple classic garments never go out of fashion. I think your boyfriend should avoid hoodies and graphic teeshirts and jewellery if he wears any at all. A simple watch of quality is ALL a guy absolutely must have if you had to point out one. Long shoulder bags, winter scarves (sober looking ones), ties and all other accessories that are long and vertical will accentuate his height. Also, the key is to prevent him from looking like a kid, but more like a man.

    As a gift, membership to a fitness club, subscription to a men's magazine such as GQ, a set of men's products from Nivea or Garnier, a good fragrance or basic clothing that suits the description above is my solution to your bfs issue. I am guessing he will take your advise seriously, and this is a very admirable quality in guys, attention to their appearance is immensely important.

    • Now that I published my answer, kholland65 has offered you very similar advice. H&M and working out, because its good useful advice! :P

  • Well, since we don't know what the guy really looks like, a suggestion of a hairstyle is kind of impossible. I would suggest you give him a makeover, at least take him to your favorite hairstylist and choose a new hairstyle for him. As far a clothes...that too is hard to do since we don't know the stores that are near you, or the stores in whatever state your

  • I would definitely suggest some kind of facial hair if you are that small and feminine.


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  • That's so sweet :D you can look on the h&m and asos website, not sure if that'll help much though.

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