How should I cut my hair?

I'm planning to get my hair cut pretty soon, and think I want to go for one of the following options (they are pretty similar, though! I guess the big question is whether to get bangs/what kind).

Here are my top choices:

Option 1: link

Option 2: link (The one on the left), link

Option 3: link

My face-shape is pretty similar to the girl in the pictures (though I don't look like her otherwise, unforunately! :P). What do you girls/guys think? Full bangs? Side-bangs? Better to go without? Hate them all? :P

Thanks very much in advance for any opinions! :)

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  • Option 2 (Side bangs)
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  • Option 3 (Blunt bangs)
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  • Don't care/don't like any of them.
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  • Ahh she was my Teenage crush, oh Emily <3 I'm torn between the 1st one on the 2nd option and Option 3, How do you normally wear your hair?

    • Haha, yes, I love her! :) My hair is pretty similar to Option 3 right now, so I'm thinking I might swap over to the second picture's style for a change. Thanks very much for your input! :)

    • You are very welcome, I'm sure you'll look fantastic!

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  • The second link

  • The first one.


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