Armpits sweating

Do your armpits ever start to sweat when your having to talk in front of the class at school? Mine start sweating when I'm sitting in class waiting for my turn!


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  • yess. I always try to keep my arms away from my sides so I can let my armpits airout a little sometimes. haha


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  • Mine sweat whenever I get hot. Those ungodly sweat stains are the reason I resent summer in Texas :P

    Lately, I've been using an antiperspirant in addition to deodorant. I think it's helping, but we'll find out once the weather starts to heat up.

    Only suggestions I have are antiperspirants, loose clothing (preferably cotton -- let your body breathe), and try to relax some. You could also carry some baby wipes in your purse if you have time to slip into the bathroom every now and then.

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