Oh crap...my color coordination and style...so bad.

I'm meeting a girl for the first time since getting her number at her favorite bar tomorrow for happy hour. I want to make an impression style-wise but nothing too risk. I was thinking my favorite pair of dark jeans with a polo. My question is two fold...I've narrowed my choice down to solid grey or solid red, and I am still debating untucked or tucked. I am a fit in-shape guy. 6' 190 lbs and have quite a bit of muscle mass so I look good in a polo, so I am thinking tucked is the way to go...but I don't know if tucking into jeans is weird...especially for a 24 year old. Also, yes I should probably know the answer to this but I know nothing about style and always question my choices. It helped past couple years because I was in a relationship and my girlfriend always helped me. Now I am lost. Thanks.


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  • whatever you do - Don't tuck your polo in!

    If you're going to wear a polo, it IS ralph lauren Polo right? because that's the best option

    Can you show a link to the jeans and the shirt? I really want to see the colors so I can give you better advice


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