Body issues....

im 5'1 I have size 32 b breasts I wear a size 5 in jeans and my dress size is a 3 I have a little baby fat but its not too bad and I have really curvy hips but I also have stretch marks do guys find any of this unattractive? I'm very self conscious other than that I get lots of complements on how pretty I am I don't know I hate my body


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  • Doesnt bother me but then I aren't shallow to base if I love somebody on their appearance.

    Lust is a different matter, most guys seek a 'gorgeous girl' slim, tan, big boobs and what not because they don't see past the sex aspect and bragging rights.

    A guy who loves you will love you for who you are inside, sounds cliche but its true and works both ways.

    I won't lie to you by saying the stretch marks will fade away completely you should really know that they are insignificant, what would a guy rather worry about, stretchmarks or his woman cheating on him, I know which I would worry about.

    PS: Thanks for the friend invite and you really didn't need to post anonymously before (I won't mention the subject out of respect for your privacy) be proud of who you are, your short, your chubby, you have imperfect skin and small boobs, so long as you aren't a nasty bitchy person you are doing just fine as you are.

    Sounds like you have low self-esteem and need cheering up and reminding who you are.

    Feel free to talk to me anytime.


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  • stretch marks fade, they're a right of passage for girls with hips and/or boobs and they go away with time. try using a mederma on them and they'll look better in no time.