Do guys like tall lanky girls, such as, Taylor Swift?

I'm a tall girl with a small frame...I'm pretty lanky and I have size A boobs...and semi curvy hips.

I know that guys generally like skinny girls...and proportionate curves, but do guys actually seek out tall lanky girls?

The point of my question is that I know guys tend to prefer the Kim Kardashian body type. I'm just wondering if guys are equally attracted to Taylor swift body type. Like would you prefer a tall lanky girl or a petite curvy girl?

For the record, supposedly - Kim Kardashian is 5'2 and 125lbs... Taylor Swift is 5'11 and 120lbs


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  • Taylor Swift does look attractive, yes. But I would not describe her as tall or lanky.

    • A girl built like Kim Kardashian would argue that a taller more slender girl is what guys want. Funny how no matter what a girl looks like, they always seem to thunk guys want the other type.

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  • I hate to sound like Captain Obvious on some of these questions, but different guys like different things, and so yeah -some guys do like tall lanky girls.

    Maybe you're asking this because you'd like to be tall and lanky yourself? If only for one night or so? In any case, if you ever want to post a photo of a tall lanky girl you think is pretty, I'll look it over and we can talk about it.

    • lol I wouldn't "like to be" ...I am. I'm asking because I know the ideal body type guys like is more Kim Kardashian, but I'm wondering if guys possibly are equally attracted to Taylor swift body type.

  • I like all sizes of girls depending on personality.

    My one friend always tells me "you & these tall lanky blonds" Maybe he sees something that I don't, anyway I prefer brunettes.


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