Getting dressed in the 18th century?

link That's a lot of stuff to put on, probably took hours. Just think about how much as changed in the last 250+ years. What she is wearing at the start of the video would most likely be to modest for today.


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  • I can't imagine how sweaty they would get in the summer time :O

    • That's a good point, especially if you lived where it got really hot. Maybe they wore certain fabrics too make it less hot?

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    • eh. I don't get it, but its not too weird. people thought it was attractive then, too.

    • Would you ever dress like that?

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  • How did they use the washroom wearing that stupid dress/hip thingy?

    • That is a good point. I have no idea how they would have.

    • They just squated over a pot.

      Under the skirt are stockings help up with straps and 'drawers' which look like loose shorts, but were crotchless.

      So no clothing removal required for relieving herself ... or sex.