Why do people say girls who are high maintanence lack confidence?

Because whenever I am going through hard times, I am not high maintenance looking at all. I have a simple hairstyle and look but I don't feel as good as I do when I make salon trips, groom myself and take care of myself. People say that's insecure but how can it be when the entire process is pure luxury? If I was insecure, I wouldn't want to put any effort into myself. But does anyone else understand how I feel? Are there other women who feel more relaxed and calm after taking care of yourself, or are you supposed to feel guilty for liking to pamper yourself? because some people act like you should be bare faced, not into style or ever get pampered or else you're fake or a bitch lol


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  • I know what you mean. Just not salon trips. I find I act how I dress. When I dress very classy I act it. When I'm dress more sporty I act it. It's not a matter of self esteem it's a matter of how it makes you feel.


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  • It depends on how much make up you wear. If you just want to accentuate your features some, that's totally fine. If your entire face is made up all the time, some might wonder how much self esteem you really have. My thoughts on make up are that if you must wear some, go as light as possible.

  • Well.. what about because it's truth?

    Grooming is not high maintenance - it means when you buy designer clothes, always wear a thick layer of make-up and have your hair done by 500$ or up at all times.

    You can spot an insecure person when they're overdoing everything they are about, for girls it's too high dependence for artificial "boosts" to appear attractive, and for guys it's too much bragging and loudness in an obnoxious way.

    Behind any such facade lies a scared, little soul who's in constant doubt about its own worth and who's constantly comparing itself to others.

    If you take a decent care of your appearance and are not overdoing it, that doesn't make you high maintenance and doesn't make you seem insecure.


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