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My girlfriend and I hang together but when we end up laying next to each other hugging and stuff, sometimes I will look into her eyes and after some time she will look away. Now I feel weird to look into her eyes and then I look away.

Note: that she is a pretty insecure person and I feel that may be it.

She also says she loves me first so She does care about me.

But this eye contact is kinda bothering me...

Should I talk to her about?

What information do you have for me? thank you


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  • I think it may be good to talk about it. I know at least for me, my eyes are hard to control. I LOVE giving eye contact to a guy I'm close to, but for some reason my eyes will usually flick away at the first sign of insecurity before I can stop it. I think it would help if maybe you lightly touched her chin in a very gentle "look back up at me" sort of way. If she still looks away, ask her what's wrong, but do it in a nice way with a small smile, like it's not a big deal, you're just curious. Perhaps it'll get her to open up a little more to you.

  • yeah I'm guilty of that too. You should talk to her about it, maybe the next time you guys cuddle or w/e and just be gentle with her and say You think she's beautiful and she shouldn't be afraid of you...I think that would be sweet, but in your own words lol. best of luck ^_^


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