What's the difference between gray and blue eyes?

random question of the day? lol to me gray eyes look like a lighter version of blue. its still blue but got more of a pastel pale hue. so why aren't they called light blue eyes instead of gray eyes? gray is like the background to this site


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  • I've never seen a person with pure grey eyes with my own eyes. Everyone I've ever run into had grey-brown eyes or grey-blue eyes. Photos can catch a person in a certain light... My blue-green eyes can look dull one day, can look a rich blue one day, can look a rich green another day, and look an aqua-marine some days. It tends to depend on the lighting, and what I'm wearing... I think some of the photos you see online of grey eyes have either been modified a bit or were light blue eyes caught under the right lighting conditions.


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  • grey eye link

    blue eye link

    they "can" look alike, since not all blue eyes

    has such a strong color <3

  • Grey eyes might be bluish, but they're still closer to grey than blue. Blue eyes are obviously blue.

    I fail to see the issue here.


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