Dumb question, but what color should I dye my hair?

A deep red, or brownish blonde?

I have pictures of me in my profile. I seriously can't decide..

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I am mostly worried about red clashing with my clothes, since most my clothes are red
This is the blondish/brown I am talking about. (Me a year ago) link


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  • What about... both? Hehe, I saw some woman that had like red and blondish highlights in her dark brown hair (maybe bronzey ones) and it looked pretty epic. I will try to find a pic! :D

    • I shall await said picture

    • Haha :). Kinda like these, but hers looked much better. Plus, I think it'll suit your complexion and you have the short hair to pull it off: link (Not this hairstyle --->) link

    • I love that hairstyle though!

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