What kind of clothes do girls like on guys?

I'm in college and want to look nice and professional but still casual and attractive to girls? Any good ideas or links that you can think of?

I have an average build, kind of narrow waisted so shirts are usually big in the waist for me, also have a larger than average rear lol.


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  • plaid shirts

    nothing with a collar (unless the plaid shirt had a collar)

    no pink. it makes you look douche-y

    loose pants

    just your average normal t-shirt

    i could care less about your shoes lol

    and amazing cologne! one of the biggest turn on's (im sure EVERY girl will agree) is huggin a guy who smells good!

  • Casual, sleek, something that says I'm here and I'm your man. Somewhat edgy yet put together.. nothing too much..but..kinda levi's, ralph lauren & jeans company mixed with black label and sum depeche mode, or a hint of badassss..but I'm still a professional kind of vibe... (that's how I feel...I'm sure every girl has her own taste)

  • Personal faves...plaid, baseball tees ( link hopefully the link works - if not just google it, "spruced up", nice slacks/shirt, or plain white or black under (tee) shirts...so hot.

    Cutt offs are good too but...maybe not unless you're in or going to the gym ;]

  • ok so here's what you do, take everything one direction wears and wear the opposite!

    just don't dress like a hipster or euro or homo if you sniff what ima steppin in...

    ok but for real I love

    plaid shirts (roll sleeves)

    lose jeans

    cargo shorts

    adidas samba shoes

    classic rock band tee shirt ( so hot)

    for dressing "profestional"

    button up (roll sleeves again)

    khaki pants (absolutly no pleated, normal dude fitting)

    casual brown shoes

    nice tie

    * OK no sweater cartigans (unless you want to get rid of you man card)

    also no skinny jean

    no sleaveless shirts

    no v necks

    but that's just me you can obvisoly wear what every you want

  • I love button ups with nice patters, like plated button ups. You can pair them with some beige cargos. I think plated shirts look professional and attractive. You can dress them up or down, and they're casual enough for the college guys. :)

    I had a crush on a guy who would wear button up shirts most of the time. :)

  • plaid or solid black collar shirts with the buttons an roll sleeves

    loose pants

    dark color shoes

    an you should get a gold chain ;) (dont wear it when your trying to look pro)

  • I don't have much of a preference (clothes don't mean much to me), but there are just a couple of certain things...

    I like dark blue jeans and plain solid-colored t-shirts.

    I dislike logos and Affliction and Ed Hardy.


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  • Get fitted shirts, they taper in at the waist. You sound like me and I only buy shirts that are fitted like that.

    It's not so much about what you wear, but how you look in it. It's remarkable how few guys understand how clothes are supposed to fit, and the nicer the clothes the less they understand.

    Still t-shirts and shorts aren't going to get you far. Dress casually, in a way that's going to work in different settings, school, parties, bars, and sometimes even work.

    Experiment and don't be afraid to try out new things. You don't have to get crazy, but try something new, just little touches here and there. A little trial and error and you'll figure out what you like.

    Go for quality over quantity. It's better to have say 10 shirts that look great on you than a ton that are just 'meh'. If I don't wear it for a year I get rid of it.

    Lastly get a nice looking watch and a stylish pair of shoes. Doesn't have to be expensive stuff, but they're little details that can go a long way.