Does love have a smell?

Do you, folks, believe that someone can actually fall in love with another person mainly because he or she loved their smell? How normal is that?


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  • I don't know about love, but sex sure does. I had a girlfriend where we had to constantly air the room out becuase it just reeked of sex. Not that that's a bad thing, but it could be awkward if other people came over and got aroused just from breathing.

    • I wouldn't call it arousal ... =(

    • Sounds familiar! In my case, it was not the fear of somebody being aroused, but rather something like fear of being exposed

    • Yep. That can happen too. What were you doing that caused it and who were you afraid of walking in and catching a whiff?

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  • I don't think "love" has a smell. People can be attracted to someone based on their smell but I don't think the is the sole reason itself its just a quality about them that you really like


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