Is a girl's height a problem for a hug?

i'm 1.73m and most guys I like are not much taller than me. when I'm wearing high heels I'm sometimes even taller than them.

do guys only like to hug girls that are smaller than them?

and what's the best way for a tall girl to hug? hands around his neck? or waist? or...?


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  • 1.7m 5ft 5 inch isn't that short. to me it's actually quite tall I'm 5ft 1inch 1.5M.

    so to me I don't mind how tall a girl is for a hug. I would rather someone closer to my height but I've gotten use to most girls being taller than me so as long as I can look into her eyes while hugging or put my head on her shoulder than I'm fine with it. (even if I stand on my toes it's ok)

    • my converter says I'm 5.67 feet...and yes I meant I'm tall. I was actually asking if being tall can be a problem when you hug a guy. I'd love to be shorteer and my shorter friends would love to be taller lol its a mean world...

    • I actually enjoy being short other than having a hard time buying pants I'm fine with it :)

      as long as you are not in heels I'm sure you won't be too tall for me to give you a hug if I stand on my toes. :)

    • oh if a girl taller than me was giving me a hug I would like her hands to be around my chest/back or draped over my neck.

      how would you like a shorter guy to hug you?

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