Make up for make out?

This for the girls..

What makeup would you wear for a makeout sesh with the bf?

All natural or pretty and flawless? Why?

Let's say y'all are home alone with each other.


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  • I would assume he doesn't want all that stuff rubbing onto his face and just not wear makeup. If anything, maybe some mascara, but why even bother with the rest?


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  • LOL.

    Well I suppose if we were just hanging out at home, it would just be my normal 'daytime' make-up. So for me, some foundation, a bit of mascara; maybe a smudge of eyeliner, but eh - I guess it depends on my outfit etc.

    Just natural looking.

    Basically I wouldn't make any special allowances on my day time look. The only difference in make-up there ever would be if I knew there was going to be a make-up session would be no lipstick, but I rarely wear that when I'm just at home anyway, that's more of a going out at night thing.

  • I go for something natural. Just enough so that I don't look completely hideous, lol. I feel a bit guilty for pandering to a guy's preference but I know they generally like "natural looking" makeup, so as much as I love a good cat eye I skip it if I hang out with a guy just to make out (i.e. home alone with each other). Haha.

  • well then, just your normal.

    my normal makeup is concealer under my eyes, thin eyeliner, and mascara. I would just put on that, and some lipbalm.

    I fill in my eyebrows a bit too because they have a few bare spots but that's just me.

    maybe put on some waterproof mascara in case you get a bit frisky and it smudges :P

  • it really depends on where you are going more than anything.

    • Y'all are going to stay home alone.. Make up or not?

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