I need a better and more flattering hair color and style. Halp?

In February I was a complete dumbass and I bleached my hair at home, effectively destroying it. I've been using treatments and deep conditioners since and it's gotten a bit better.

At the end of this month I'm going to get my hair colored by a professional and am also going to get it cut. I need some good ideas for the color and style.

I like my hair blond, so I definitely want to keep it in the blond family. I just need the right shade. As for the style, my hair is naturally wavy and I'd also like to keep it that way. Right now it is medium length and I'm growing it out long, so I need a good cut that will transition well from medium to long. I prefer my bangs side-swept, the heavier the better.

Here is the most recent thing that shows my hair: link


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  • I liked it when you had reddish hair.

    • Red is so much harder to keep up with, though. Blond hair I can dye every couple of months, red hair I had to dye twice a month. And at $200 a pop, being blond is cheaper.

    • 200 a month! Holy cow I would hate being a girl.

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  • Im a guy so I don't know anything about hair styles, but I liked my ex's style.

    She had medium length hair cut in layers. She had like a dirty blond hair color with "caramel" high lights. It was beautiful in the sun light...not sure if this helps. Its all I know.

  • link

    Is your sister telling the truth? Did they really not let you in because you "weren't hot enough"

    • Yeah, it's true. My friends would drag me along to a party and the guys who owned the house would turn me away at the door but let them in. I didn't really care much, though. I only went in the first place because they guilted me into it. I would have rather been home.

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    • It was mostly aimed at girls who could determine 1) what style of hair would best suit me and my situation and 2) what shade of blond would look best with my skin tone. That's why I specifically said in the details I wanted to keep it blond and wavy.

    • Then you could have just messaged girls and asked...after all this is girls ask guys; not girls ask girls

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  • I straighten my hair a sh*t ton but I also have some extreme curls, so I don't have much of a choice... but I find the coconut oil is THE BEST deep conditioner ever. ITS AMAZING. I swear its the only thing keeping hair on my head :p its also great for skin :) and it smells so yummmmmy.

    as for color, I think maybe some darker blondes would look great. instead of all just a flat color, maybe go with low-lights without highlights (if that makes any sense at all).

    I think the style is great, I'm so jealous of your waves :p coconut oil also works as a great curl/wave tamer! its maaaagic.

    • Where do you get this magic coconut oil? And do you put it in when your hair is wet or dry? I must learn the secrets.

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    • doesn't work on my hair :p

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