What style piques your interest?

I'm 18 and like most 18 year old guys I care about the way I look, now I'm starting to question if my style of clothing is putting girls off... any tips?

I wear mostly black shirts and blue jeans with my favorite black jacket on. I've been told I often look scary but I'm really not any tips to make me seem less scary?


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  • Simple style is always pretty fool proof. Fitted t-shirt and jeans, nice shoes, etc. E.g. link link link

    It really depends on the guys personality and build though.

    I'm not sure why you appear scary, but it doesn't sound like it's because of your attire. Any idea why people think you look scary?

    • my quiet personality makes me seem like the strong silent type if that makes any sense ?

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    • eh? at least you tried =)

    • I guess all I can say is that your style sounds fine (by way of minimal description), and maybe you just come off as being super reserved. If you want people to be more responsive to you, I guess you have to be *gasp* more friendly. :P

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