OK. So guys don't like fat girls...

That part is clear.

Then I don't understand why guys constantly stare at me. Like in class, some guys stare a lot and act all weird when I catch them looking. It happens everywhere. I don't know why.

Sometimes they smile at me but I get nervous so I just look down. Some guys have actually come up to me and tried to talk me. Some have been pervy. Some were just friendly.

Am I that gross that guys stare so much?

I doubt they're interested because of my weight. And I won't stare at them either because I don't want them to think I'm interested since they're not interested in me.

i get so self conscious. Like I think, omg does this shirt make me look gross or something? I don't dress like slut either. I usually just wear jeans, chucks, a shirt and a cardigan. And I don't have a big ass or anything. Some people tell me I'm pretty. I expect the "you're pretty but you'd look better thinner". But no one has ever told me that.

So idk. I can go on about my personality but those people don't know me so they don't know what I'm like.

Anyway, why do they act like that?

Are they making fun of me? Or are they desperate or something?

I don't take these people seriously.

Maybe they think I seem nice and I want to be my friends?

Any suggestions?

You can be honest. Idc.


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  • It could be any of those things or none of them. Unfortunately, not all males think alike, not as much as people lead us to believe. I'm not saying that people are not cruel because they can be. It's best not to take these people seriously (harder in practice than in theory) and just go on being a great person you can be. You really cannot stop people thinking things about you, good or bad and people do think good or bad things through jealously, anger, victimisation or any means.

    Many people like slim, many like overweight, many like average, there is no set definition. All that should matter is that if someone likes you it is for you and that you and them can be happy.

    • Yeah but that's what's confusing.

      I can't take any guy seriously because I don't know if they truly are interested or theyre just perves and have sexual fantasies about being with a fat girl or they might want to make a fool of me?

      I mean I don't know if some girls just bring that on themselves by how they carry themselves but I'm really nice and act kind of dorky. I never talk about sex stuff (or do anything sexual) or act slutty so I'm hoping no one thinks of me that way.

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  • Maybe you have toilet paper on your shoe...

    Just kidding.

    I would need to see a picture to say for sure. I will tell you this, I prefer curvy girls. I don't necessarily mean fat, although I do place personality before appearances. I prefer a little extra on my women.

    • Paul's right. Most guys don't mind a heavy girl. I am the heaviest of my friends and I do have curves, long blond hair, blue eyes and a nice face. Well, I get all the dates! That's right. The guys love me. So, let them eat carrots while I sip on wine.

      Men love a great personality and a great smile... if you show them you are nice - they will follow. Boost up your confidence, show a little leg and start flirting with the guys that talk to you. Let us know how it works out.

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    • Ok I see.

      Ill try to post one. I'm a bit embarrassed to do so but I'll see. :D

      Ok I see. People probably think I'm awesome. And I'm really nice so they can probably see that. :D

    • You can PM me if you want.

  • Honestly the word "fat" is often used pretty vaguely. I really appreciate curves on a woman, and I've met tons of of cute chubby girls in my day. I think guys are only turned off by obese, nasty girls who have no sense of personal hygiene.

    • Yeah, most girls are considered fat even when they have small amounts of fat.

      Im not curvy. I'm alittle heavier than that.

      But yeah I try to make the best of it by showering everyday and trying to look my best. I don't want people to think I'm a slob.

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  • it can be your face! if you have a gorgeous face guys will like you no matter what!

    as for your body I'm sure your not that bad! as long as your not morbidly obese it shouldn't be a deal breaker, some guys are chubby chasers and like thicker women because theyre softer and more pleasurable in bed.

    • Well my face is pretty nice.

      And my hair is pretty awesome. And I dress nice.

      And I'm not morbidly obese. I'm bigger than curvy but I'm not extremely huge. :D

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