How do I fix this??

Ok so one day in one of my lectures at uni I was sitting at a corner that I don't normally sit at.. and this guy comes in late..and he is breathtakingly and he sits down next to me. when we're having a break in between lectures..he tries to strike up a conversation with me.. and he says "oh I hope I'm not stealing too much of your arm rest, dear" in this sexy british accent.. (im an international student in the UK) when technically it was his armrest.. and I clamp up and just say " no your not".

So now and then I see him..but I'm still too shy to even smile properly.. although we both always catch each others eyes.. (and i, being the idiot that I am, am first to look away)..

what in the world do I do to fix this?

any suggestions would be helpful..


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  • say something like,

    "hey, I didn't even get to know your name the other day. I'm [insert name here]."

    and when he notices that your an international, ask him something like,

    "im still kinda trying to get to know my way around here, do you think in your spare time you could show me around?"

    hope it helps!

  • He sounds hot. Anyway just try talking to him. Try starting a conversation with him. He probably thinks you blew him off or something. Imagine him in his underwear if it helps. He might look hotter like that though.

    • Haha yeah he is..yeah ok I'll try..though I think I'll start off with a hi

      and lol NO if I were to imagine him in his underwear I don't think I'll even get past hi..haha


    • Sure glad I could help

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