What do boys look for in a girl?

i'm a girl & I really wanna know what most boys look forward to in girls.

do they like kinda:::

shy & innocent

sexy & ghetto [not in a racist way!]

preppy & perky

dark & goth


or what? do tell!


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  • Um I'm not a guy but I'm pretty sure that for most guys styl isn't an all or nothing thing. I think to say the most it may some sort of turn on in some way to some guys. I think most guys and people in general are attarcted to people who are thmslves. Don't chnage yourself in any way, esp. your individual style, because you think it might make a guy like you more. I think changing yourslef for someone else is definately a turn off more than anything else. You are beautiful just the way you are.

    • Thanx but I kinda aready changed to make a guy jealous....but instead of that I got every other guy to tell me they are singlee lol

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  • Shy and innocent, definitely! Maybe with a little nerdiness mixed in too.

    An "Otaku" girl, if that word means anything to you.

    • Soo what is otaku?

    • Maybe it would be easiest if you looked it up. It's mostly a Japanese thing, but it's slowly coming to America as well.

      This isn't too accurate of a thing to say, but to make it easier to understand, think of "otaku" as meaning "Japanese nerd". I love girls like that!

  • preppy clothes

    doesnt care what anyone thinks of her

    average looking


    some what shy

    not nerdy

    will do bad stuff like get drunk and sex

    will tell me about anthing


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