Guys: Does a girl's hair color (& that of her friends) affect if/how you approach her?

My friend (a blonde) claims she gets a very different response from guys when she goes out to bars with other blondes versus brunettes. And that it's different if she goes out with one girl versus 2. So does a girl and her friend(s) haircolor affect your decision to approach her or how you act when you do?


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  • I'm partial to black and brunette. Doubly so if she's Asian. I'll attempt red, but with caution. Only a very few blondes actually appeal to me at all.

    • Why "with caution"?

    • Last redhead I pursued was a real bitch in the end. I paid a heavy price for trying to be kind to her.

  • No not at all... in any case it's hard to tell these days whether that's her real hair color or not :D


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