This guy who usually flirts with me calls me 'sweet' ?

it kinda annoys me, because I ain't some little baby or an old grandma..

im nice, sometimes too nice but I have style personality, and can be sarcastic and witty, how come he and other people always call me cute or sweet?

i wanna be called cool, or sexy =/


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  • nothing wrong with being sweet. guys like sweet.


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  • You said that he usually flirts with you and when he calls you sweet it annoys you right?

    In my experience, guys who have a crush on you try to get your attention somehow...even if

    you get ticked off at a cute name. I think he's saying it as a complement though, meaning that

    you have a wonderful're a sweet person.

    It took me a while to figure out why my best guy friend would always call me "kiddo".

    I HATE that name...just like you I thought he was calling me a child!

    Drove me crazy. However, it turns out that I'm the only one he calls that and he did

    it to get my attention. He recently told me that he likes it when I'm all fired up because

    of that name and it was his way of flirting (we're dating now...go figure...LOL)

    If other people call you sweet as well, then you must be a great person.

    • Awwww thank youuuu I agreeee ur right

    • You're welcome! Hope things work out the way you want!

      PS: Why don't you come up with a cute name for him in a flirty way since he's flirting with you?

      (that is, only if you're interested in him) Maybe that will help him ask you out?

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