Guys do you ever intentionally look for less attractive women in bars?

Someone told me the reason you see hot guys hitting on ugly girls is because the guy figures she has low self esteem and therefore is more likely to sleep with him. Is this true !?


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  • Not at all. I only ever go for what I find attractive. I don't settle for less.


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  • if you go into a bar, set the bar high, when there's nothing to be seen, then give a big sigh, but when there are only average hunnies in the vicinity then toggle the beer goggle.

  • Bar chicks are just for sex anyway who cares...

    • ... aww what's with all the stinging negatives =(

      Everybody knows it's true. If you want fairy tale then go to f***ing Disneyland...

  • Beer goggles do a lot for ugly girls in the bar...

  • No, but I did hear a variant on that from Bill Cosby. He said, when he was single,he went for the less attractive girls in the bars, because usually the less attractive girls were more likely to be the nicer ones. Which I can see that. Most girls I knew who were hot stuff tended to be stuck up, and full of themselves, thinking that if anyone was talking to them at all, it was only because they were trying to fuck them, and nothing else. So yeah, I can understand the mentality behind Cosby's statement. Who wants to deal with that. I totally understand going for a nicer girl over one who's high maintenance and stuck up.

    • Surely any guy who walks over to a hot girl in a bar has the end goal of trying to f*** her? So just because hot girls are self-aware they're treated as bitches who aren't playing the game right?

    • Meh. The bars I go to, my aim is not necessarily to get laid. Sometimes I just like to talk, or something. Sometimes I'm there to play a game (like pool or darts or whatever), sometimes I'm there for a band, sometimes I'm just there with friends to share laughs and have fun. Sex is not ALWAYS the end game.

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  • they go for the ones that look easy.

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