What kind of girl is physically 'beautiful'?

I know many others have probably asked this question . . . but what physical attributes are attractive in a girl? I get the feeling that I will never find a guy that I like who truly appreciates my unique beauty! :(


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  • There is no criteria or basis for beauty. Every single individual has their own opinion on what is beautiful and what isn't. That standard changes person to person. Don't aim to be anyone's version of beauty, be your own version of beauty.. and that's when someone else will find you beautiful as well.


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  • What do you mean "unique beauty?"

    • Well . . . I am very tall for a girl (5'11) with a thin waist and strong arms and legs (I dance ballet). I have auburn hair and freckles and medium tone skin . . . And I have had a lot of boys tormenting me because of my height/strength, but I have also had boys complimenting me and telling me I am a great dancer and could be a beautiful model! But the boys I really tend to shy away from me . . .

    • Your height may scare some boys away but others will appreciate it. You are obviously physically fit which will attract many. Also your talents will attract many too.

      Finally many people are attracted to "opposites." You may be attracted to guys who are very different than you because you see qualities in them you like but they may not see it in you.

  • nice toned body, golden/ tanned skin. sexy long legs, nice ass, and t*ts...


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