Anybody get dumped on Valentine's Day?

I was just wondering if I was the only one that had a crappy Valentines Day this year...My live in boyfriend of 3 years went to his friends shop to work on his car Valentines day morning, At 2:30pm I missed a call from him, didn't realize it, but at 4:30 I called him back and asked him what he wanted. Assuming that he was still working on his car, he informed me that he called at 2:30 to let me know that he was going to a bar with his buddy who just helped him work on the car. Being a little pissed that they were already drinking for 2 hours and it was V-Day, I told him to spend all day at the bar and to have fun because I really didn't give a crap about him anymore. 3o minutes later he was at my house moving his stuff out saying really crappy things about me and my kids and told me he never wanted to see me again. I called him after that and he answered his phone, I wanted to know why he said all of the crappy things he said, he sd he was at his sisters and he hung up on me. I went to the bar he was at and there he was, drinking again. I asked him in the bar why he said all of the crappy things he said and he said, because its the truth...He then informed me that he wasn't leaving with me and coming back, and I told him I was ok with that and I wasn't there to ask for him back. He offered me drink, I said no, I'm not staying. His friend that helped him work on the car started talking about the roses he bought his girlfriend for V-Day. On that note, I wished him a Happy V-Day and walked out. Haven't heard from him since. Why do you think he did this? And if anyone else has a story they need to vent...Please do...

By the way, this guy that was leaving me and never coming back, left all of his laundry in the basement!LOL
He also stuck me with all of the bills!


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  • Wow what a jerk! You handled that so well I wouldn't even know how to act. Was he acting differently before or what, I don't know why he would suddenly act a fool on VDay unless he had it in his mind before. Bleach all his clothes too the bastard!;)

    • Yes he did make some kinda comment about thinking about leaving for 2 weeks. It is my fault that he never sees his friends anymore, or ride his motorcycle anymore, and basically my fault that his life is such a bore. I am not a bar person, I like to go to the movies and stuff. He called me and my kids anti-social beings and said movies are a waste of money!!!

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